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Lot 3 - Angus

FLCC 1175 Homily H018

This bull has been a gainer from day one. His performance is phenomenal. His dam has had several bulls at Penn State, all of which were near the top of the index. His sire was purchased from the Penn State test and serves in the Lee Cook herd in Penn Yan, NY.

Lot 40 - Angus

FLCC 1175 Holiday H017

Here is a calving ease bull with a lot of maternal influence behind him. Musgrave Exclusive has done a great job for us.H018’s dam is an ET Hoover Dam daughter that traces to the foundation of our herd.

Lot 66 - Hereford

GH 4836 RED HAWK 5320

This bull has been a standout from the time he hit the ground. His dam was purchased from Feddes Herefords in Montana and she has never missed. He has been genomically tested and touches all the bases. 

Lot 67 - Hereford

GH 335 HIGH LINE 9310

This calf is out of a Dam of Distinction who traces to the founding of our herd. His sire is our well known and long standing Trust son from Feddes Herefords in Montana. Calving ease, carcass quality, longevity, and proven maternal strength. This bull has all those attributes combined.

Lot 75 - Red Angus


After you dive deep into this bull’s genetic background and Epd profile, you will quickly realize why this bull was the top-indexing Red Angus bull at the 2021 bull test. Not only did he out=perform his contemporaries, he is also one of the top non-parent individuals in the entire Red Angus breed! He is in the top 2% for ProS index, top 2% for Herdbuilder, and top 2% for Gridmaster. His dam posts a 108 for MPPA, is top 2% for HPG and REA, and also ranks in the top 1% for milk. The bull combines paperwork, performance, and phonotype into a powerful breeding package.

Lot 76 - Red Angus


At 10 years of age, the dam of this bull has obviously pounded out another great one, and she’s done it by maintaining a 365 day calving interval on 8 calves. If you are looking to build multi-dimensional cattle, using a son of FLCC 01W YASMIINA 17Y simply makes genetic sense. The individual performance and ultrasound data from 17Y have earned her into the National RED Angus forefront, as she now ranks in the top5% for ProS, top 11% for Herdbuilder, and top 15% for Gridmaster. Note that this bull also ties directly into the FEDDES Sleek family, which are some of the greatest females in the entire Red Angus breed.

Lot 81 - Red Angus


Efficiency and end-point genetics is what this breeding tool is all about. Here is a moderate-framed bull which is simply massive in his muscle pattern and shape. His dam is an 8-year old brood matron who is a true “convenience” cow….meaning that she has always been an easy-breeding, good producing female which you simply never have to worry about. She has maintained a 363 day calving interval on 8 calves, with an MPPA of 96. Her top2% CED, and top 2% REA solidify her purposes as a calving easy specialist…but actual ultrasound data has powered the dam of this bull into the top5% for REA. Looking for small calves at birth, but which are loaded with carcass qualities? Look no further.

FEDDES DOMAIN C48-8244 - Sire of Lots 75 & 76

Cattle for Sale - Private Treaty

The bulk of the cattle we sell is through private treaty.  If you are seeking herd bull prospects, we encourage buyers to select calves at weaning, as we tend to sell out quickly.  Starting in the fall of 2020, we will offer our bull customers the opportunity to have bulls developed on a high-forage ration, with gains targeted at 3.5 lbs. per day.   Call us for details and for options.  Stop back soon – we will have pictures and info available on herd bull prospects later this summer.

We also have open heifers, bred heifers, and cow/calf pairs available

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Penn State Bull Test

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NYBPA Herdbuilder Sale

This sale is held in conjunction with the Trowbridge Bull Sale at Finger Lakes Livestock Exchange, in Canandaigua New York.

Northeast Elite Hereford Sale

Held every September, offering elite Hereford genetics.

New York Angus Sale

Held every year and offering the top Angus genetics

Freezer Beef Sales

We have been providing high-quality beef directly from our farm to your freezer for many years.  Our cattle spend approximately 60% of their life eating grass, and nursing their mothers.  Steers are then transitioned onto a medium energy ration, where they will gain 3.5 to 4.5 lbs per day.  Our steers are fed right here in the Finger Lakes Region of New York State, and consume grains and forages produced in the Finger Lakes.

This feeding strategy results in beef which is highly marbled, and which is very tender.  Because of our commitment to high marbling genomics, cattle will usually grade in the Choice quality grade with minimum back fat.

The steers are typically processed at Finger Lakes Meats, in Romulus, New York.  It is here, that the sides of beef hang in a controlled atmosphere cooler for 14 days.  The art, and the practice of aging beef is all but forgotten in the modern, face-paced meat industry.

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